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Most Important Resource

Do you want to see the future? Read this Wikipedia article about knowledge society.

It is coming, I can see signs of that everywhere. This is what we need to survive and to prosper. Our knowledge is still extremely limited. We know very little about the world on subatomic level, about internal mechanics of living cells, we know almost nothing about our brain operation – how do we think? what is consciousness? We don’t know why gravity exists, we are not even sure if we can travel in time or not. We unable to create life from dead matter, we unable to travel and live in space. Continue reading “Most Important Resource”


Profit Driven Society

I don’t want to go into deep discussion here on topic of profit driven society. There are better resources and discussion boards on the internet for that. I like to make profit for myself too. I like even more to make profit without applying any effort or profit disproportionately high in relation to efforts applied to make it. Continue reading “Profit Driven Society”

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