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While It Is New

My best part got a new car for herself recently. Obviously it is me who is bound to work on it as long as the car is going stay with us so I’ve done a bit of preparation to make my life easier in future. Continue reading “While It Is New”


Saving Money With Regular Service

I am sure you’ve heard million times that regular service of your vehicle saves your money in a long run. This is true, but not in a way many shops like to tell you. Its not number of flushes, replaced filters and completed brake jobs that saves your money. If you do two transmission flushes in 60 000 km instead of one or replacing spark plugs or brake pads twice more often – you won’t save any money, never. You won’t make your engine or a whole car last longer either. All you going to end up with is spending more money.

What does save money for you its a professional attention and honest advise. Continue reading “Saving Money With Regular Service”

Misfire Under Load

Here is a spark plug with clearly visible whitish tracks showing where high voltage was draining to the ground instead of jumping across air gap producing a spark. Cylinder where this spark plug was installed had misfire under load (on acceleration) at the mileage of just a bit over 60 000 km on Ford F-150 3.5 EcoBoost. It is rather unusual to see spark plugs condition like this at that mileage, probably poor fuel quality was the case of it. Continue reading “Misfire Under Load”

All Season Tires

What all-season tires are good for? My answer is: they are not good for anything.

In the summer all-season tires are nothing more than just “it’ll do”. They will do as long as you are not fancy hard cornering, precision feel of the road, high speed driving in the rain and extreme traction. But most of the drivers wouldn’t feel the difference between all-season and high performance summer tires. By the way, high performance summer tires wear rather quickly, for the best traction you have to use softer rubber mixture, softer rubber means accelerated wear.

In the winter things are drastically different. Continue reading “All Season Tires”

Steering Wheel Cover

Of course, everyone has a right to be different and to have his own opinion. I will never spend my money on steering wheel cover though. It always looks cheap and ugly, no matter how much you’ve paid for it. Could be dangerous sometimes as some of those covers tend to spin around the actual steering wheel. When have been in use for a long time those things collect dirt mixed with epithelial tissue, sweat and bacterial colonies to the extend they are getting tacky and gooey to touch. I bet they could be very interesting when looked at with microscope with a whole world of tiny living things lively crawling around :-). I feel like I need change my working latex gloves right after removing that cover from steering wheel but people are touching it with bare hands, jeez…

Owner of this truck have cheap steering wheel cover fitted over reasonably nice (and not cheap) leather wheel. To me it doesn’t look like an improvement…

Overheating Pathfinder

Super easy case of engine overheating diagnostics :-). Obvious reason for this problem in the middle of hot summer is right on the nose of this truck. Fancy shiny radiator grille inserts are blocking airflow through the rad almost completely. Those things are seasonal and needs to be removed after winter. You don’t have to bother fitting them back either when snow falls again – truck will be just fine without them anyway 🙂

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