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“We Can Fix Anything”

It is nice to advertise with a line like this. I did that when I was young and green and just started my first shop. Two decades later I learned to know that this statement needs to be extended. Continue reading ““We Can Fix Anything””


Note On Technical Information

Technical information is one of the most important tools for diagnostic technician. I would not be far off even if I say it is THE most important tool now. Continue reading “Note On Technical Information”

Free Diagnostics

I am very happy to see that times of “free diagnostics” are slowly but surely going away.

Few years ago when I was posting on the same issue on another website it was super easy to find a header picture for illustration. Today I struggled to do the same, wow! 🙂

Instead I found perfect illustration of true value of “free diagnostics” on the picture above

“Free Diagnostics” was one of the worst marketing ideas in this business. Continue reading “Free Diagnostics”

Diagnostics – Dealing With Unknown

When customer calls and asks to change timing belt, do transmission flush or replace balljoint there is very slim chance to come across something unknown or unexpected. Even if you never done such a job on some particular model you can read through the procedure in shop manual (or even watch video on YouTube) and get a fair idea of what it is like. You can come across some seized bolt or stripped thread but any other surprises are quite unlikely. For the job like this I can give an estimate (I mean no-obligation-rough-estimate) without even looking at the car. If you need written-in-stone-quote  than I have to inspect your vehicle first, but in most cases it would be quick and free of charge inspection.

Continue reading “Diagnostics – Dealing With Unknown”

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