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Diagnostic Charges Policy. Part 1

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I need to explain about diagnostic charges as there is quite a lot of misunderstanding around this topic. This is going to be a long post, but I have very important considerations to say and I salute those who was able to finish this reading. Although if you don’t have time or sufficient reading skills you can jump right to Part 2 Continue reading “Diagnostic Charges Policy. Part 1”


Diagnostic Charges Policy. Part 2

Read Part 1 here. Jump straight to Part 3 if you like to skip another 865 words.

What I can do to provide customers with better solution when it comes to diagnostics time charges?

After doing this job for two decades I have to admit I don’t have a complete solution that would be as good for me as it is for the customer (and vice versa). I have been working in different places with different policies, none of them were perfect for everybody.

Continue reading “Diagnostic Charges Policy. Part 2”

Diagnostic Charges Policy. Part 3


Nissan Consult-III scan tool kit


Peugeot / Citroen PPO/Lexia scan tool kit

Part 1Part 2

Now is what I want to try to see if this is going to work better for diagnostic time charges. I can think about many arguments pro et contra but unless I try I would not know for sure how this is going to work. There are two steps: Continue reading “Diagnostic Charges Policy. Part 3”

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