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Science Of Automotive Diagnostics

License Plate Light Failed


One year old truck with custom truck bed and lights. Not sure if this kind of ground connections would survive in Arizona for long enough time but in our location it did not last a year. I was surprised to find that not-mentioned-here well established company that performed this body conversion couldn’t use a better design for this light.


Tool Of The Year 2014

Here is my own Tool Of The Year 2014 hero. This tiny impact wrench has the power of your average 1/2 inch air impact and weights less than a kilo. I was capable to squeeze this thing into places I would not even hope to access with any impact wrench before. Saved me tons of time and made my life a bit easier than it could be without it. Definitely my favorite tool now!

Need For Mudflap


I have a feeling that without that mudflap there could have been less damage done to the bodywork. Two years down the road and edge of the front fender turned into rusty flakes


Style Over Substance


Fender flare on this Nissan Titan won’t allow to use fender box any more. Sure, beauty is in eye of the beholder, but why spending money on decoration while losing something moderately useful?

Overheating Pathfinder

Super easy case of engine overheating diagnostics :-). Obvious reason for this problem in the middle of hot summer is right on the nose of this truck. Fancy shiny radiator grille inserts are blocking airflow through the rad almost completely. Those things are seasonal and needs to be removed after winter. You don’t have to bother fitting them back either when snow falls again – truck will be just fine without them anyway 🙂

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