My best part got a new car for herself recently. Obviously it is me who is bound to work on it as long as the car is going stay with us so I’ve done a bit of preparation to make my life easier in future.

Three bottles of protective chemicals were more than enough to get the job done


Now drive the car up on a ramps


And spray Fluid Film on every bolt, nut, thread or gap between fittings, like this:


Where Fluid Film is not penetrative enough I use Honey Goo – this stuff gets everywhere but it looks messier after a while making an impression of oil never drying oil leak wherever it have been sprayed on. Anyway, I would rather sacrifice a nice look for a benefit of corrosion free joints and a future headache when removing those parts.

Having to deal with so many rear wiper arms seized to the shafts I spray Some Fluid Film there as well


Exhaust parts are quite a problem. For now I just covered threaded joints with anti-seize lubricant. I hope it’ll add at least some protection from rust.


That’s it for now. I will check it again after the winter and the time will show how well this is actually going to work.