This is what some people believe in. Actually my wife does not believe that cars do break down – she never had any of her cars ever broken down (two blown tires doesn’t count).

I never had any of my cars letting me down except of only one. I had brand new 2012 Mazda 2 that once refused to start when I was going home from work. It had less than 5000 km on the odometer when fuel pump failed all of a sudden. First time in my whole life I had to call someone to pick me up and get me home because my car broke down! 

I had to share another car with my wife for more than a week then before new fuel pump for my Mazda got supplied and replaced – it was absolutely awful experience, something that I never had before. For the first time in my (adult) life I did not have my own wheels. I almost got that car traded in just the way it is, but then my emotions settled and I’ve called for a tow truck.

My very first car, 19 years old Lada with unknown actual mileage had so many issues that it became what actually made me a mechanic, my true trade school. Despite that it never let me down on the road. I had another car, 1986 Honda CR-X that got thermostat stuck closed causing engine to overheat when I was thousands kilometers away from home in the middle of nowhere in another country, with limited money and on Saturday night. But I had quite a set tools with me taken for that trip and got it fixed right on the side of the road, so it does not count either from my perspective.

After that incident little Mazda served me very well for three more years without any problem. Apparently I still miss it more than many other cars I had.