Do you want to see the future? Read this Wikipedia article about knowledge society.

It is coming, I can see signs of that everywhere. This is what we need to survive and to prosper. Our knowledge is still extremely limited. We know very little about the world on subatomic level, about internal mechanics of living cells, we know almost nothing about our brain operation – how do we think? what is consciousness? We don’t know why gravity exists, we are not even sure if we can travel in time or not. We unable to create life from dead matter, we unable to travel and live in space.
For example, with knowledge we can solve problem of space travel by downloading our consciousness onto non-biological carrier and later recreating our biological body again (we already know about cloning!).

Argument that science requires money is wrong. Science requires resources: human resources, time, energy, material resources. Money is merely a numerical equivalent of those resources, system we implemented in attempt to regulate exchange of limited resources.

Of all the resources knowledge is the only one that has no limits. It is also the only resource that can be shared endlessly and never ends. If I share my food, my house, my car or my clothes with hundred people – I will have less food, less of a house, less of a car. If I share my knowledge – all of it will stay with me anyway. Knowledge replicates and grows in size by sharing, it is truly unique quality of all known resources.

Our priorities are so wrong that I hesitate to call us “intelligent species”. We reluctant in sharing our knowledge because we think if we “protect” that tiny knowledge each of us possess we can make more money. We made education very expensive while right now, at the current level of technology we can provide any kind of education to anyone with minimal expenses. Is it not what we need for scientific breakthrough?

We need more brains working on the problems. These days we only need about 10% of total population to provide all of us with everything we need: food, homes, transportation, communication. The rest could be scientists, inventors, artists making our life better again! Instead of that we spend our brain resources trying to sell each other useless stuff at over-inflated prices. I work in automotive industry and see thousands of tricks this industry uses to make personal transportation LESS affordable, to keep you spending on the same stuff over and over again. I am sure the same goes in any other industry. We literally turn ourselves into slaves spending years of our time (time is a very limited resource for every one of us!) only to make money to get basic necessities of living. Thinking of this makes me want to leave this planet altogether sometimes :-(.

This why I was so glad to find this Wikipedia article. It is nice to know that I am not alone and future is going to be in the way I dream about.