What all-season tires are good for? My answer is: they are not good for anything.

In the summer all-season tires are nothing more than just “it’ll do”. They will do as long as you are not fancy hard cornering, precision feel of the road, high speed driving in the rain and extreme traction. But most of the drivers wouldn’t feel the difference between all-season and high performance summer tires. By the way, high performance summer tires wear rather quickly, for the best traction you have to use softer rubber mixture, softer rubber means accelerated wear.

In the winter things are drastically different. So different that once you tried top of the line winter tires – you would never go back. I have been driving my cars on all-season considering I know how to drive. Never got a single accident by the way. Than I tried winter tires – and got converted right away! Not because winter tires are safer. They are but this is boring stuff for retired people. I love winter tires because they are much MORE FUN in the winter! Once there is ice and snow on the road engine power is no longer relevant. Now traction is what makes you king of the road. Traction and control, predictability of reactions and how vehicle performs your commands. You still slide and skid if you are careless, winter tires won’t turn snow into dry tarmac. Although limits are way higher and you have a good feel when you are near those limits.

Set of the decent winter tires is one of the best things you can buy for your vehicle and ultimately – for yourself.

It is my stash on the header picture: three sets of Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 for each of my vehicles. And no, I am not associated with any of the tire places, I am not selling, installing or storing tires for customers. Them guys in KalTire did not even give me a discount despite the fact that I bought 4 sets of Hakkapeliittas from them in a span of 3 years :-).