It is so nice not to work under pressure having time to pay attention to every little detail of the job. Take this job for example – replacing two leaking axle shaft seals on some Toyota.

Before ordering parts I quickly looked through the shop manual. I like the way Toyota presents components drawing for every section of the manual, so you can print out one picture and see all the torques and non-reusable parts.


Very handy for making a list of required parts and then for reference when doing a job. Two hub nuts, two snap rings and one gasket for filler plug only adds ten dollars or so to the overall cost but makes the difference between good job and perfect job


On reassembly before tightening those bolts on control arms bushings


suspension needs to be compressed (I lowered car down so that suspension knuckle rests on axle stands and vehicle weight compress suspension)

20151011_121132  20151011_121109

This helps to reduce twisting action on rubber of the bushing so it’ll last longer.

Finally, when everything is back together (except the wheels) I spray a drop of Fluid Film or similar stuff on bolts and nuts I had removed, this would protect threads from corrosion so next guy who would work on this car will say “thank you”

20151011_125834  20151011_125838

Although, I am doing all these nice little touches to make sure that next guy who would work on this car would be me again 😉