Imagine me dropping a transmission from the car, balancing 200 pounds unit on a transmission jack above my head, with my hands dirty and fluid leaking on my face because I forgot or was too lazy to drain it first (or most likely thought that fluid level is below driveshaft seals so it wouldn’t leak)

Imagine me bent threefold and upside down under the dash with hot soldering iron in one hand and trying to hold two ends of broken wire and a solder wire with another hand (the task that actually asks me to grow two additional hands)

As per Murphy’s law at this very moment phone goes off! The first word that I would say next second starts with “F” and ends with “K” and comes with lots of heat and excitement. No, this is not a “firetruck” ;-).

By the time I pick up the phone I would have dealt with my emotions so you wouldn’t know if that phone call timing was not appropriate ;-). More often though, I would (regretfully!) ignore the call.

Add on top of that telephone marketers and scammers that like so much to waste my time sometimes even not bothering to pretend being nice! How do they even get my number?

Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and intellect of human race we got fantastic progress in communications in the last three decades and now we can enjoy a convenience of instant written communication provided by email or text messages anywhere where you cam make a phone call. Now a gentle “beep” or “ding” from my phone or laptop (actually from both when I get an email) indicates message arrived to my inbox so I can read and reply to  it whenever I have a moment. This quality alone would be enough for me to prefer email over a phone call, but email has much more benefits for small business communication.

Phone conversations are, in fact, rather inefficient way of business communication, wasting a lot of time and creating confusion and misunderstanding in many cases.

I perfectly understand that texting or emailing is not convenient for every customer. If you are in that situation you can text me just your name and phone number – I’ll call you back as soon as I can.

In order to answer each and every phone call promptly I would have to employ someone. It certainly would be nice, especially if this person comes in shape of some young and cute girl :-), but ultimately its not me but customers who are going to pay this person wages. Total convenience comes at higher price. You have to sacrifice something if you want to get something for less. Trust me you are not sacrificing that much by depriving yourself of a pleasure to hear my voice any time you call me :-).

P.S. I found this funny comics on the same subject, I think I gotta order a poster with it and put in on the wall in my reception area. As soon as I get that reception area ;-).