It is nice to advertise with a line like this. I did that when I was young and green and just started my first shop. Two decades later I learned to know that this statement needs to be extended.

In a way this statement is not a lie. We, technicians and mechanics, are not doctors, we, indeed, can fix any problem with any car. We can turn dead back into alive! The question is what would be the cost and would such a repair make economical sense? Whatever mysterious problem you might have in your car I can always tear it down to the last nut and bolt, replace whatever looks suspicious, put it back together… Maybe I’ll have to buy some extra equipment to complete the job, definitely it’ll take enormous amount of time but eventually any problem will be solved. But how big would be the bill then? More than likely at that price point customer would be better off buying a brand new car instead.

Being able to fix anything is not only a matter of technician abilities, it is a question of cost of repair. There is always a cost, there is no way around it and someone has to cover that cost. Mechanic needs tools to do the job, someone has to pay for them (mechanics do, that is why they need a better wage than burger flipper in a diner). Shop needs specific equipment to do certain jobs, needs to pay those better wages to mechanics (and also advisers, managers, parts guys and so on), needs to pay rent or mortgage for the building insurance, waste removal fees and so on. Someone has to pay for that too. More different jobs you are trying to do – more equipment you’ll need. For more equipment you’ll need more space just to store it, not even mention to use it. More space means even higher rent or mortgage payments or higher investments to make. Then you would’n want that equipment just to sit there while you are doing some other job, gotta hire more people to use that equipment in a meantime making money… So costs are piling up very quickly if you, indeed, want to claim “We can fix anything!”

Customers blame dealers for being “too expensive” although this is just a reflection of a cost to be able to fix anything on merely a single line of vehicles. With all that even dealers from time to time are not able to fix a car and have to buy it back (as long as it is under warranty) or send it away. Not because there are stupid mechanics or bad managers (although these things also could happen) but because some repairs are not economical, too expensive in relation to the price of the vehicle

So the right statement would be “We can fix anything – as long as you can pay for everything”

P.S. I can’t help but notice that “We can fix anything” posters usually illustrated with picture of some classic car. Back then when those thing were on the roads we, indeed, were able to fix anything…😦