I don’t want to go into deep discussion here on topic of profit driven society. There are better resources and discussion boards on the internet for that. I like to make profit for myself too. I like even more to make profit without applying any effort or profit disproportionately high in relation to efforts applied to make it.

The thing is: it is very questionable if society as a whole benefits from this way of life. As soon as you start think logically about it cooperation, as opposed to competition, between human beings appears to be more productive.

If in automotive industry manufacturers, product developers and repair specialists would cooperate and focus their efforts on a single goal of providing comfortable, safe, ecological, affordable and reliable means of personal transportation to everyone we would be much better off – driving better cars for much less than we do now. In reality instead of that we have all the parties trying to make financial profit while producing and maintaining means of personal transportation becomes a byproduct of that.

To make higher profit manufacturer have to keep selling cars. Therefore they are not interested to keep cars on the road for long. The same goes for dealers, dealers make a great deal of money on selling cars and parts. Product developers are sharing the best technical solutions with each other. Instead of this they protect them by patents so other developers would have to develop and use some other solutions instead, often not the best ones, or pay license fees. For the similar reasons product development engineers are not going to share their knowledge of the product with repair specialists. As a result repair specialists do not have all the information needed to find the most efficient ways to repair cars. I don’t have to tell you about reputation of car repairs industry – it is far from stellar and there are plenty of reasons for that. Nevertheless these people seems to be the only ones who benefits from you keeping your car for longer.

Every party tries to make more money but their collaborative efforts results in cars that cost more to own. And after all those people also have to pay higher price to own a car.

So we make more money for ourselves by making cars more expensive to own for customers and then we have to spend those more money we just made on those cars that we just made more expensive. And after that we call ourselves “intelligent species”?