• I am particularly interested in doing work related to engine and driveability diagnostics (gas or diesel) and electrical and electronic systems diagnostics and repairs. So whenever you have a problem with your car or truck electrics or electronics, have check engine light on, running, driving or starting issues, have other warning lights on, radio or heater not working or any electrical gremlins infestation issues in general – this is what I like doing most, this is my forte.
  • If you have any other repair or maintenance work that you would like to get done on your vehicle – feel free to ask. I don’t mind doing and capable of performing any work. As long as I don’t have limitations in terms of specific equipment or shop space required to get the job done properly I would be happy to do it for you.

I also have a lots of experience in electrical accessories installations such as lights, alarms and other security systems, audio systems, special equipment and so on. I can do this type of work on very high professional level (much better then what I see very often on other vehicles here) and can work on projects of any level of complexity.