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August 2015

Diagnostic Charges Policy. Part 1

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I need to explain about diagnostic charges as there is quite a lot of misunderstanding around this topic. This is going to be a long post, but I have very important considerations to say and I salute those who was able to finish this reading. Although if you don’t have time or sufficient reading skills you can jump right to Part 2 Continue reading “Diagnostic Charges Policy. Part 1”


Diagnostic Charges Policy. Part 2

Read Part 1 here. Jump straight to Part 3 if you like to skip another 865 words.

What I can do to provide customers with better solution when it comes to diagnostics time charges?

After doing this job for two decades I have to admit I don’t have a complete solution that would be as good for me as it is for the customer (and vice versa). I have been working in different places with different policies, none of them were perfect for everybody.

Continue reading “Diagnostic Charges Policy. Part 2”

Diagnostic Charges Policy. Part 3


Nissan Consult-III scan tool kit


Peugeot / Citroen PPO/Lexia scan tool kit

Part 1Part 2

Now is what I want to try to see if this is going to work better for diagnostic time charges. I can think about many arguments pro et contra but unless I try I would not know for sure how this is going to work. There are two steps: Continue reading “Diagnostic Charges Policy. Part 3”

How Much Is It?

I have much lower overheads then bigger shops and I used to work hard to develop my business and build customer base. I’ll do my best to provide customers with the lowest price combined with the highest job quality as this is the way to get repeated business and genuine trust from people. My principle is to provide honest and professional advice on repair or maintenance needs rather then pushing on sales.

In all cases I provide customer with quote or at least some approximate estimate on cost of the job to ensure that final bill won’t come as a surprise. I believe this is the only right way to treat customer as price of any product is one of the most important factors for someone who needs to make a choice. My policy on diagnostic charges ensures that customer won’t be charged for inconclusive diagnostics or irrelevant checks that would not have any value.

Feel free to contact me with your inquiries. Please be advised that I would need your vehicle details in order to provide price estimates.

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