Mud removal is a big issue when you have to do jobs on working trucks in Grande Prairie. When you have couple of inches of petrified mud on each and every part underneath its hard to do anything, never mention to do anything right. How to replace a seal or bearing without filling up a component full of dirt, sand, clay and gravel? How to check for voltage at the connector if connector is buried down there and glued together with concrete-like substance? I don’t see another way than call for mud removal time.

This pile of mud was removed from just one truck. This pile is only half of the mud that was on it. I tried to reduce mess and knocked off as much dry mud as i could first. The rest had to be washed down with power washer creating enormous mess in my bay. By the time this truck got relatively clean I clocked almost four hours of labor between knocking off, washing off and then shoveling dry mud and wiping gooey wet mud from the shop floor. Believe me, it was not an easy and relaxing job. Had to use a bobcat to move all that mud outside. Looks like it was something about 500 pounds of mud in total.

Quite a reason to hate your job to be honest.