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January 2015

One Failed Part – Five Fault Codes

2015 Ford F-350 truck with 6.7 V8 Pover Stroke diesel with only couple of thousand kilometers on the odometer came to the shop with concern of Check Engine Light being on, reduced engine power and turbo pressure gauge showing max pressure all the time.

On the test drive I couldn’t verify loss of power or incorrect turbo pressure gauge operation, but engine light was on, indeed. Self-diagnostic test revealed four fault codes stored in PCM memory, one of them confirmed as current fault on KOEO test and one more code was detected after test drive when I run KOER test. Continue reading “One Failed Part – Five Fault Codes”


DEF Pump And SCR System

Here is DEF pump from current gen Ford SuperDuty trucks (aka “reductant pump” in Ford terminology). DEF stands for Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Also known as “urea” which is not quite correct as DEF is urea in water solution. Continue reading “DEF Pump And SCR System”

Wrong Use For Cable Tie

Got F-150 with “strange noise from the front” complaint. Took for a test drive and couldn’t hear anything wrong. Put the truck on the hoist and wow! Found brake caliper secured with cable tie:



Customer’s “buddy” was doing a brake job for him just recently and looks like got caliper bolt broken (fracture spot has not even got corroded yet). Secured with cable tie instead and good to go, eh?

Surprisingly enough this was not a source of noise that customer was concerned about.

Steering Wheel Cover

Of course, everyone has a right to be different and to have his own opinion. I will never spend my money on steering wheel cover though. It always looks cheap and ugly, no matter how much you’ve paid for it. Could be dangerous sometimes as some of those covers tend to spin around the actual steering wheel. When have been in use for a long time those things collect dirt mixed with epithelial tissue, sweat and bacterial colonies to the extend they are getting tacky and gooey to touch. I bet they could be very interesting when looked at with microscope with a whole world of tiny living things lively crawling around :-). I feel like I need change my working latex gloves right after removing that cover from steering wheel but people are touching it with bare hands, jeez…

Owner of this truck have cheap steering wheel cover fitted over reasonably nice (and not cheap) leather wheel. To me it doesn’t look like an improvement…

Snowfall Inside

Today I took a truck for a test drive after it was sitting on the parking lot all covered in snow. Turned on defrost and heater blower and the moment later I had observed a real snowfall inside the cabin!


For some stubborn reason Ford does not fit cabin filters on F-150. You can get automatic dual zone climate control with heated and cooled seats – but not a cabin filter.

What WC Stands For?

As long as you used to American English only its OK name for a company. Makes me smile, though. I’ve been travelling too much around the world and got used to another common meaning for WC.

Grande Prairie Style At Its Finest?

I am not going to comment on this.

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