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December 2014

Trailing Arms? Nah, Its A Waste Of Money…

Truck suspension got lifted to this insane amount without rear trailing arms installed. Rear axle got too much freedom to sway back and forth and here we go

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Dual Clutch Gearbox

That is me replacing clutch assembly and input shafts seals on Ford Focus dual clutch transmission. See four red plastic tool cases? This is how many special tools needed to do this job. Some of them absolutely required, some others just add convenience to the job but anyway that’s a lot for a clutch replacement. I used to replace clutches without any need for special tools :-(.

Vibration When Driving

Here is very simple reason for vibration when driving. Snow and mud stuck to inside of the wheel rim very often is a cause in our area. Better remove it as soon and as good as you can, otherwise tire develops flat spots and would require re-balancing to get rid of vibration. Consider my advise just have saved you hundred bucks or so. Donations are welcome, email me if you want to make one 🙂

Lots Of Mud

This wheel gives you an idea about working conditions when you are trying to do something, anything on working trucks in the winter. I did not expect, to be honest, how much time would it take to remove all that mud before you can start actually doing something without mixing every single part, fluid and thread with mud. And then regardless how many hours you were trying to wash down than mud (and then washing shop floors and hauling mud outside the shop in wheelbarrow!) you are still going to end up working in mud bath:


Holy Christ, this is the dirtiest place I’ve ever worked in my whole life!

Precision Reliability Success?

On their website Bilstein says:





Well, “reliability” seems to got lost in translation or something. New-ish F-150 with mileage in five figures, no signs of abuse or reckless off-roading although front shocks failed like this. Bottom bushings got broken off completely on both


I expected better product from Bilstein. Now where I should go for premium shocks?

License Plate Light Failed


One year old truck with custom truck bed and lights. Not sure if this kind of ground connections would survive in Arizona for long enough time but in our location it did not last a year. I was surprised to find that not-mentioned-here well established company that performed this body conversion couldn’t use a better design for this light.

Tool Of The Year 2014

Here is my own Tool Of The Year 2014 hero. This tiny impact wrench has the power of your average 1/2 inch air impact and weights less than a kilo. I was capable to squeeze this thing into places I would not even hope to access with any impact wrench before. Saved me tons of time and made my life a bit easier than it could be without it. Definitely my favorite tool now!

Need For Mudflap


I have a feeling that without that mudflap there could have been less damage done to the bodywork. Two years down the road and edge of the front fender turned into rusty flakes


Style Over Substance


Fender flare on this Nissan Titan won’t allow to use fender box any more. Sure, beauty is in eye of the beholder, but why spending money on decoration while losing something moderately useful?

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